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LadyF Exchange: How It Works

Welcome to LadyF Exchange, the fastest and easiest place to buy or sell Bitcoin and Perfect Money in Nigeria. We can also help you pay your Chinese supplier/merchant in RMB within the space of 0-4 working hours, so you don't have to worry about the high cost of sending an international wire and the waiting period of 2-5 business days. 


Getting Started:

To start enjoying our amazing rates and excellent customer service, use the "Create Account" button. Once you complete the sign-up form, you'd be sent an email verification link, after which you will receive an SMS verification code on your registered phone number.  Unfortunately, delivery issues are happening more frequently with MTN numbers because of the national "Do Not Disturb (DND)" list.  If you experience any issues getting the email verification link or the SMS verification code, call or WhatsApp us on 07010104835 or 07013110238 for a workaround.


Identity Verification:

Please note that you can sign up and create sell orders immediately, you do not need to complete the identity verification process if you are selling to us. However, due to KYC requirements, if you intend buying from us, we would need to verify your identity. We have made the process very simple, all you have to do is get your regulatory ID card ready (e.g. international passport, driver's licence or national ID card). Attach a handwritten note "For LadyF Exchange " and take a snapshot together with your regulatory ID. Also upload a selfie with your ID. You can upload the picture from your device or use the webcam feature on our site to take a snapshot directly.


Our verification process is super-fast, your application for identity verification would be approved in a couple of hours. Identity verification is a one-time process.


How to Sell:

To sell Bitcoin or sell Perfect Money in Nigeria, first, go to "Transactions" > "Payment References" and add your bank details. You can enter more than one bank account.


Then go to the "Sell Now" page and select the e-currency you wish to sell. Enter the amount, select your bank account (from the accounts you added on the "Payment References" page) and click "Submit Order". The total amount you would receive in Naira would be calculated based on our present rate.

For bitcoin, the wallet address to make payment to would appear on the order confirmation page. Go to your bitcoin wallet and make the transfer to the wallet address shown, enter the transaction/hash ID to enable us identify your payment and click "Mark Payment Complete". If you need help on how to get a bitcoin transaction/hash ID, you can go through this post here. You don't need to do anything after that. We would begin to process your order once we get 3 confirmations on the bitcoin network. We presently use Paxful wallet, so if you're sending from Paxful, just write "internal transaction" in the transaction ID box since Paxful to Paxful transfers are instant and do not require confirmation from the bitcoin network hence no transaction ID would be generated.

For Perfect Money, you would be redirected to the secure Perfect Money SCI website to make the transfer. Complete the steps till it brings you back to our website. We would begin to process your order immediately you complete this process.

For bitcoin and perfect money orders above $500, we offer what we call a "reseller bonus". The amount you are to receive would be recalculated automatically at a N3/$ bonus on the order confirmation page. 



How To Buy:

Once your identity has been verified, go to the "Buy Now" page. Enter the amount of Bitcoin, Perfect Money or RMB you wish to purchase, the price you are to pay in Naira would be calculated.

For bitcoin, enter the wallet address you'd like us to send the bitcoin to. For Perfect Money, enter the Perfect Money account number you'd like us to credit. For Chinese Yuan (CNY/RMB), enter the exact amount of RMB you need and the bank/Alipay account details for us to credit.

You'd then be taken to the order confirmation page where you'd see our Nigerian bank details to make payment to. Go ahead and make the payment, then click the "I Have Paid" button and upload your evidence of payment (e.g. screenshot of mobile banking page showing the transfer or cash deposit slip). We would begin to process your order once we receive your payment.

For RMB orders, we would email you the payment screenshot to present to your Chinese supplier/merchant when your order has been completed.

For bitcoin and Perfect Money orders above $500, we offer what we call a "reseller discount. The amount you are to pay would be recalculated automatically at a N3/$ discount on the order confirmation page.



How To Earn With Us:

We know that word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertisement, so we want to reward you for referring people to us. LadyF Exchange has a robust referral program and there's no limit to how much you can earn. Each time anyone you refer to us complete an order, you automatically earn N1/$ for every bitcoin or PM order completed, and N0.05/¥ for every RMB order completed. So if you refer someone to us and he/she buys $5,000 worth of bitcoin or perfect money, you earn N5,000 when they complete their order on LadyF Exchange. Or say you know an importer that needs ¥200,000, you earn 10,000 when he/she completes their order on LadyF Exchange. You can request for a withdrawal once you have earned up to N2,000 in referral bonus. This is just our way of saying thank you. laughing



Tracking Your Earnings and Withdrawals:

When you log into your dashboard, click on "Referrals" > "Referral Link", you'd see your unique referral link. Share that with your friends and family members and make sure they sign up using the referral link.

You can track the number of people that have signed up using your referral link from the "Referral" > "Referral Members" page.

To check how much you have earned till date, go to "Referrals" > "Withdraw Requests". Each time anyone you refer to us completes an order, it would be updated automatically on this page. You can request for a withdrawal once you earned have up to N2,000 in referral bonus. To request for a withdrawal, click on "Request for Withdraw", enter the amount and submit. Your order would be processed within 0-4 working hours.



What are you waiting for?

Sign up today and let's begin the journey to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We are at: 3-9 Olu Koleosho Street, Off Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.
Monday -Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Call/WhatsApp: 0701-010-4835 or 0701-311-0238.

Twitter: @LadyFexchange
Facebook: @LadyFexchange
Instagram: @LadyFexchange


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