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Finding Bitcoin Transaction ID

As easy as it sounds, I get asked, almost daily, "LadyF, where can I find the bitcoin transaction ID or TXID or hash ID?" This post will take you through how to get the transaction ID of any bitcoin transaction, all you need is the bitcoin wallet address.

So each time you send out bitcoin from your wallet, a transaction ID is generated on the Blockchain network. Normally, if you check your transaction history, you should see the transaction ID, or txid or hash ID, depending on what it's called on your bitcoin wallet.

Another method is to go to


In the search box, enter the bitcoin wallet address. It would bring out all the transactions for that wallet address, the date and time each transaction took place, whether the transaction has been confirmed or not, and all the details regarding that transaction. An important point to note is that the time zone is GMT. So if it shows at 08:10:10 (HH:MM:SS) on Blockchain, know that it's 09:10 a.m. Nigerian time. Simply put, our local time in Nigeria is 1 hour ahead of Blockchain.

Another reason why I love using when searching for a transaction ID is that it shows you the value at the time of transaction. So we're all aware that BTC/USD value fluctuates, but Blockchain actually shows you the USD value at the time the transaction took place and this value remains constant regardless of bitcoin fluctuations.


If you look at the picture above, I searched for the wallet address 326AMf9rMnGTJ7TYMZbo1fCSvXPWKBHnJb on Blockchain, you can see it here. The value at the time of transaction was $1706.74 although the USD value has depreciated to $1572.73, the time of transaction was 03 Jan, 2018, 10:51 p.m. Nigerian time, the transaction ID is ce0caa423f5........... It's as simple as that.

For some wallets like Xapo and Paxful for example, when doing an intra-wallet transfer, i.e. a transfer from a Xapo wallet to another Xapo wallet address, or a transfer from a Paxful wallet to another Paxful wallet address, it's regarded as internal transfer and doesn't show up on the Blockchain network, hence no transaction ID or txid or hash ID would be generated for that transaction. You'd notice with this kind of transactions that you're not charged a transfer fee or miners fee and the receiver does not need to wait for 3 confirmations as usual.


If you sell to us and you send from a Paxful wallet, you'd have noticed that you're not charged a transfer fee and no transaction ID is generated because we use Paxful too. In this case, you can write "paxful internal transfer" in the field for transaction ID when selling to us.

Blockchain, Coinbase and many other wallets don't offer this feature. However, some wallets like Coinbase and Luno offer free and instant intra-wallet transfer when sending to another user, BUT with the condition that you'd have to send to the person's email address and not wallet address. I have a Coinbase wallet as well, and for me personally, I'd rather not give out the email address attached to my Coinbase account to receive bitcoin for security reasons.

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